sm00sh :: Mash long URLs to make short ones

Ubiquity sm00sh Command

Command for shortening URLs via Ubiquity

Start shrinking your URLs in ubiquity with sm00sh service. Ubiquity, by default, comes with a command "tinyurl" to shrink your URL's. But we feel that TinyUrl is no more 'tiny' (as the domain itself is longer). So we created own command to shorten the URL's using sm00sh (another URL shortening service but with a short domain name). If you don't know what ubiquity is , then take a look at the note below. Notice that this is totally alpha and sometimes returns error messages. For now use it just for tests and keep us in the loop.

How to use it

Adding the command to your command list:

  • If Ubiquity is already installed on your browser, you will notice a information bar with "Subscribe" button at the top right corner of the page. (If ubiquity is not installed, grab it from Mozilla Labs)
  • Click on the "Subscribe" button
  • A new page with the Command's source will appear.
  • Click "I know what I'm doing. Subscribe to it!" (We assure you that there is no malicious code. The source code is before you!)


  • Select the URL you want to shorten (or you can give it with the command)
  • Now open Ubiquity and type sm00sh and press 'Tab' to auto-fill the selection (You can also enter the URL here)
  • Press 'Enter'.
  • Now your original longURL will be replaced by shrinked URL from sm00sh. The shortened URL is also copied to the Clipboard.

Thanks and Happy Sm00shing! :)

What‘s Ubiquity

Ubiquity is an extension for Mozilla Firefox that makes your online life easier. You can perform searches, send emails and a lot using ubiquity. Know more about it here.

Bad Behavior has blocked 0 access attempt(s) in the last 7 days. URLs already mashed down until now are 8,800,210.