sm00sh :: Mash long URLs to make short ones's sm00sh Code


sm00sh is not yet part of's project so we will have to make some modifications to the code. Don't forget to BACKUP! BACKUP! BACKUP! You've being warned. Don't blame on us any problem.

Install it

Just follow the list:

  • Go to StatusNet's website and grab the last stable version available.
  • Unzip and copy your StatusNet files somewhere
  • Make a backup of lib/Shorturl_api.php
  • Then you have two options:

    a) Patch option:

    b) Manually add option:

    • Download the following code
    • Open the original lib/Shorturl_api.php and add the code to its end
    • Save it.
  • Copy files to web server and do the normal install procedures.
  • Go to sm00sh at in case of doubts.

Use it

Select sm00sh as your automatic URL shortner

Thanks and Happy sm00sh'ing! :)


Laconica (pronounced "luh-KAWN-ih-kuh") is a Free and Open Source microblogging platform. It helps people in a community, company or group to exchange short (140 character) messages over the Web. Users can choose which people to "follow" and receive only their friends' or colleagues' status messages. It provides a similar service to sites like Twitter, Jaiku, and Plurk. is now StatusNet; know more about it here.

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