sm00sh :: Mash long URLs to make short ones

API and Other Tools


This is the sm00sh API documentation and external tools. As you can see we are still working on it. Almost all of this tools are in Alpha or Beta stage. Stay tuned!

Browser bookmarklet

You can use our boormarklet right now. Just drag the sm00sh it link into your browser toolbar and you can create a sm00sh for any page open in your browser simply by clicking on it.


This API is really easy and, in its first version, will only have one command as sampled below
sm00sh will return the mashed URL in JSON or XML format, so you can use it via AJAX.

note: API_Format could be json or xml.

Mozilla Labs

We already have our own Ubiquity Command ready for you to use. It still uses Parser1 but Parser2 is on its way. To install it go to Ubiquity‘s sm00sh and follow the instructions.
Very Alpha this one.

PHP Generic Class

This class allows easy access to the sm00sh API with just three lines and without any fuss.
Download is available at PHPClasses‘ official website. / StatusNet Integration

Since sm00sh is not integrated (yet) in we did some code ourselves. To install it go to‘s sm00sh and follow the instructions.

pyBit Integration

pyBit is a small Python-based Shortner application. sm00sh is integrated in pyBit so you can choose to use it instead of the other URL shortners included. To install it go to pyBit and follow the instructions.

Wordpress‘ Plugins

Wordpress is one of the most popular Free Software blogging platforms around. sm00sh has a few plugins for it. To further instructions, please, go to Wordpress‘ sm00sh section.

Drupal Filter

It works almost like the Wordpress Blog Filter, but now for the Drupal CMS.
Download is available at Drupal‘s oficial website.

URI Blacklists

If you are the operator of a URI BL service we don't know about (ie: other than SURBL and URIBL), please, drop us a line.


Please note also that URLs submitted to sm00sh for the purpose of hiding their true destination may be removed at our discretion, upon request, or upon our own initiative. This is a URL shortener, not an obfuscation service. URLs that redirect to other known redirectors will be rejected or removed. Affiliate marketing URLs will be removed as detected and the master site blacklisted.

Again, if you're trying to hide behind our redirector, you're not welcome here. You may report phishing scams and worms here, however, it is important to note that sm00sh DOES NOT HOST ANYTHING. Reporting phishing scams to us does nothing to make the actual hosted web site go away. So we should be the last resort when reporting abuse, which is properly reported to those who are actually hosting the page/site you're reporting.

Neverthless, destination URLs are checked by sm00sh against blacklists on creation but we cannot guarantee that those URLs contents are not changed afterwards. If you find something objectionable, please, contact us.
Bad Behavior has blocked 0 access attempt(s) in the last 7 days. URLs already mashed down until now are 8,800,209.