sm00sh :: Mash long URLs to make short ones

What is sm00sh?

If you are here you already know that long URLs that don't fit on one line often aren't clickable after you e-mail them. They can also be tedious to type out on Web-enabled cellphones. Or even to remember or to just include them in a blog or in a twit-like site.

sm00sh is loosely based on ideas from TightUrl, LilUrl and other similar projects but is being developed to work in a slightly different way. We have in progress Mozilla Ubuquity and Firefox and-ons and a few modules/plugins for some of the most used Free Software Content/Community Managment Systems, namely Wordpress and Drupal. Stay tuned!

sm00sh used the database in its first installment.

This project is being developed by iPublicis and promoted by brainVentures Network.

We would like to thank to all the people involved in Free Software, specially those responsible by the projects mentioned above.

Bad Behavior has blocked 0 access attempt(s) in the last 7 days. URLs already mashed down until now are 8,800,210.